Netspend $20 Referral Program Capture Page

Are you concerned about when you tell someone to go to your corporate page and you never hear from them or even know that they visited thus losing the member and the income FOREVER?


Well, you don't have to worry about that with a capture page that gets all the right information and follows up with your visitor to encourage them to order, acivate, and LOAD their Netspend card!

There is no one better to make sure that your visitor gets a follow up other than YOU. We agree! So we created this low cost tool to make sure that their follow up is processed correctly..... AUTOMATICALLY!

and at only $14.99 per year, this is a GREAT bargain. Making sure that you don't lose one member makes it all worthwhile!

In addition to that, you can send the new member a personalzed letter right after they join. This is all automatic!

We offer an optional rotator as well which will bring prospects to your page via our extensive advertising

You can add a picture, text, customized letters, and anything you want. I build each page individually and will make it the way you like it. I *want* you to include such "personalizations" - this helps me come up with things to give you guys as features.

Using this service is the best way to insure the growth of your organization because it allows you to personally follow up with anyone who visits your page. We will continue to upgrade and enhance the system and we will have to raise the prices as our expenses get higher (especially for rotator advertising) , but those who are already members will get the upgrade and not have to pay the new higher price, they will get the upgrade free (included).


Click http://netspend-demo.successcapturesystems.com to see a live demo!

(Be sure to put in your information when you get there!)

As Low as $14.99 a Year! 

We offer rotators!

When someone visits our rotating URL wanting information, it very well could be YOUR turn which will route the visitor to YOUR personal website automatically!!

From our URL, we will be able to rotate YOUR page!! Its simple, every time someone visits our rotator URL they will be directed to one of YOUR website.

You get the lead AND you get the sale, should they choose to join!

To keep from overloading the rotator and making it not as good, we are limiting it's number of member sites so when it is gone, its gone. We only load a few members at a time.

This service is just $44.99 per year! That's less than $4.00 per month!
We insure that your page will receive no less than 12,000 visits per month!
We provide you with email stats or we can interface with your own Google Analytics account!
The cost of the rotator INCLUDES your page!
To see how the rotator works, click http://www.secureclickserver.com, see the website, then hit refresh and it will take you to the next site in line.





The $14.99 package includes the capture page for one year, renews automatically.

The $44.99 package includes capture page, rotator and stats emailed daily.


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Refer 3 And Yours Is FREE! AND MORE!!!


A member asked why don't we offer a referral program for the system? Well, I told him that I would figure something out. Well, I did!! I am going to give a FREE system to anyone who refers three people within the first 45 days of buying the system themselves. Also, we are going to give you a chance to share the program with others.


To qualify for the rebate, refer your three members. Make sure they signed up for a capture page, then when you have all three members return to this website and go to the "contact us" tab and let us know:

1. Your username

2. The usenames of the members you refered to us


We will verify their enrollment and your sponsorship, then we will return 100% of what you paid for capture page, if you received the page as part of a package, you will be rebated $9.99.


We have a LEADERSHIP opportunity!

If you have the rotator and wait until you get six members as referrals, then you will get the money you paid for the rotator as well.

To qualify for this, you must have ordered the rotator within the first seven days your initial order.



For serious networkers only!


We have created a new feature that you can not buy, you must earn it....

That feature is to have your capture page ask your prospect for up to three other people whom they think

would be interested in getting a Netspend card and emailing that information to you

We provide this only to you once you have referred three members to our system within the first 45 days of your joining date, this is in addition to the 100% rebate that you already get!